Happy listening: the 5 best releases of the week

The weekend is almost upon us and this week has been a big one for new music. Sit back, relax and let us tell you about the five best new releases from the week!

From homegrown heroes such as Alex Lahey to big international names such as Tyler The Creator, Happy Listening has got you covered.

Put your headphones on and let us take you through the best new music releases of the week – singles, EPs, albums and videos.

RVG –  Alexandra 

In their first release since 2017, Melbourne’s RVG are back with a nostalgic post-punk gem Alexandra. Written after major world events such as Brexit and Donald Trump’s inauguration, the song focuses on personal oppression due to the oppression of ones community.

With emotive lyricism alongside their classic Australian sound, we are more than excited for more to come from this four-piece.

Alex Lahey –  The Best Of Luck Club

Alex Lahey’s sophomore album The Best Of Luck Club is an open and honest self reflective masterpiece, with driving drums, her iconic electric guitar melodies and unique vocals.

With songs such as I Don’t Get Invited To Parties Anymore, Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself and Misery Guts, the songs are relatable, bold and universal.

Tyler The Creator – IGOR

Tyler The Creator’s latest album IGOR is the American rappers fifth studio album and it’s bold and upbeat with heavy production.

It is listed that big names such as Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Al Green, and Smith Westerns’ Cullen Omori were co-writers of the album.

Hatchie – Obsessed

With an up beat and driving drum motif, Hatchie’s latest single Obsessed is truly one of her best. With her authentic and crystal clear vocals, the song is sure to go off in a live setting.

Catch Hatchie on her upcoming Australian tour here before her album is released on the 21st June.

The National – I Am Easy To Find

The National’s eighth album I Am Easy To Find is daring, hypnotic and authentic as ever. With immaculate instrumentation as always coupled with the iconic vocals of Matt Berninger, the album also features an array of female vocalists, turning some songs more into a conversation with notable call and response.

This album is emotive and ground-breaking as ever, securing their status as a timeless band with an ongoing voice of reason.