The Game of Thrones finale is expected to cost employers $3.3 billion in productivity loss

Ring the bells! HBO’s most popular show Game of Thrones is ravaging our society with more than just wildfire, dragons, and Dothraki.

The Workforce Institute by Kronos has found that 27.2 million employees who plan to watch the finale have admitted “they will either miss work completely, arrive late, work remotely, be less productive than usual, or experience another impact on work obligations” due to the imminent end of the fantasy saga.

Game of Thrones

A recent study has found the Game of Thrones finale may severely impact job productivity, in the what has been described as the “biggest storm of workplace disruption since The Super Bowl”.

A further 10.7 million employees who plan to watch the finale say that they will skip work solely to see who sits on the Iron Throne, and (attempt) to deal with the (not-so-happy) aftermath. Of these employees, 5.8 million are planning to break their oaths to their bosses, and use a sick day to watch the finale live.

Season 8 has already cost employers an estimated $3.3 billion in revenue due to loss of productivity, a number that is bound to be aggravated by Monday evening’s episode.

This may not be the last time showrunners, David Benioff and D.B Weiss, experience epic proportions of publicity, as they recently confirmed that they would head up the new Star Wars trilogy.

As we eagerly await the finale, and try to decode the show’s hidden ending contained in a Spotify playlist, let us pray our bosses forget the penalty for deserting the Nights Watch, and show us the Mother’s Mercy.