Game Of Thrones creators have hidden the season 8 ending in this playlist

With the final season of Game of Thrones just around the corner, guessing what the big ending will be is basically all anyone can talk about. And now, in a tantalising and frustrating move, series creators have allegedly hidden the answer in a Spotify playlist.

At a run time of over three hours, the playlist in question is a listening marathon put together by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, featuring songs that pay homage to characters and events spanning the last seven seasons.

An official HBO Spotify Playlist has popped up, put together by Game of Thrones creators, and allegedly, it reveals the big season 8 ending.

According to Spotify, the series creators sent through an email explaining the whole thing, claiming that no one will believe them. Despite this correspondence with Benioff and Weiss, Spotify claim that they don’t know the ending of the show.

“The answer to the ending is one hundred per cent hidden in the playlist choices,” Benioff and Weiss said in an email. “No one will believe us, but it’s true.”

Fans all over are now trying to decipher the cryptic playlist as best they can. With tracks like Sleigh Bells’ Crown On The Ground, Let’s Have A War by Fearand Led Zeppelin’s  Immigrant Song, the playlist totally slaps, and has a combination of more obvious tracks, but plenty of cryptic choices.

I guess unless some incredible riddle solver jumps on it, we’ll just have to wait until the final credits roll to find out how the chips are really gonna fall. Check out the playlist below: