Happy Listening: this week’s 6 best new releases

Another week has wrapped up, and this one was particularly juicy. We had the long-awaited new album from Vampire Weekend, the return of a classic homegrown indie act, and just a ton of great new releases in general.

If you’ve only got time to eat up the very best of the last seven days, we’ve got you. Tee up a Spotify queue – these are the essentials.

happy listening 5 new releases you need to hear babe rainbow

It’s that special time of the week again and artists around the world are still creating A-grade music. Here’s our top 6 picks from the week that was.

Body Type – EP2

Sydney DIY act Body Type have released EP2 – you guessed it, their second EP. The new release is packed wall-to-wall with the lo-fi charm we’ve come to expect from Body Type, and includes a particularly catchy, “slightly skewed love song to Uma Thurman.” 

They’re currently playing shows throughout the UK, but will be returning to Australia for a set of tour dates this July. Find a show near you on their Facebook page.

Little May – Blame My Body

Little May have returned with a brand new album for the first time since 2015 with Blame My Body, an astounding release that feels simultaneously intimate and global.

If you’ve been digging the lead singles Lover, Apples, or As Loving Should, you’ll absolutely adore the rest of this record. Check it out below.

Vampire Weekend – Father of the Bride

Another band who has spent a fair chunk of time between releases, Vampire Weekend’s Father of the Bridge takes the cake for this week’s most hotly anticipated album.

Featuring contributions from Danielle Haim, Steve Lacy, Mark Ronson, and the big man Hans Zimmer, the LP is utterly beautiful and was undoubtedly worth the wait.

Big Thief – U.F.O.F.

Speaking of utterly beautiful, that’s exactly the words I’d use to describe Big Thief’s new album U.F.O.F.. Every record with Adrianne Lenker’s stamp on it is sure to tug on the heartstrings, and this one’s no different.

Light a candle and check it out for yourself below.

Babe Rainbow – Something New

Every time a new tune from Babe Rainbow hits the airwaves, I think about dropping everything and making the pilgrimage to Byron Bay for a careless life of surfing, music making, and an otherwise healthy schedule of psilocybin-fuelled adventures.

Something New is their latest, a beautiful lounge track with a suitably cooked film clip. Check it out below.

Sunbeam Sound Machine – Goodness Gracious

Nick Sowersby’s project Sunbeam Sound Machine has returned with Goodness Gracious, a simply delicious album that demands an eyes-closed listen with your best pair of headphones.

Check out Goodness Gracious for yourself: