Happy Presents: Jackie Brown Jr Farewell Hilary Geddes at Waywards

Happy Presents: Jackie Brown Jr Farewell Hilary Geddes at Waywards

Jackie Brown Jr are bringing their sweet, indie-goodness to Waywards on the 26th, and farewelling their lead guitarist, Hilary Geddes.

It’s a sad day for Jackie Brown Jr fans. The eclectic 5-piece are bidding farewell to their incredible guitarist Hilary Geddes (The Buoys) next Saturday at the beloved watering hole, Waywards (The Bank Hotel).

It’s bound to be an unforgettable night of celebration, big tears, and of course, fantastic music. Here’s what’s happening.

Jackie Brown Jr

If your ears haven’t been blessed by the sweet sounds of Jackie Brown Jr yet, then man you’re in for a treat. Lead singer/saxophonist Madeleine, drummer/MC Rhyan, guitarist/keyboardist Michael, bassist Gideon, and guitarist Hilary have been turning heads since 2014, with a unique form of songcraft that manages to feel warm and existential at the same time.

If you’re a fan of Vampire Weekend, Ball Park Music, or Alabama Shakes, these sweethearts will be right up your alley.

Jackie Brown Jr

The band’s latest single, Happy (You Wanna Be) is a song for our tumultuous times, as chugging electrics, bright tones, and lively rhythms work as an antidote to the rat race of modern living. They’ll be bringing this ripping single and all their old favourites to the show, and something tells me Hilary is going to shred like never before.

Two talented Sydney acts have also been recruited for support. Firstly, Jet City Sports Club, an unforgettable fusion of Aussie indie rock, Britpop, and ’90s guitar music. Secondly, Castronaut, a silky smooth 4-piece with the jazzy vibes to match. Scoop up a ticket below, they won’t be around long!


Jackie Brown Jr Farewell Hilary Geddes at Waywards, November 26th

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