Freedom in feeling: Another Sky announce ‘Beach Day’

Wearing their feelings on their sleeves, “Beach Day” isn’t just about anger; it’s about the freedom to feel and move through it

South London’s indie darlings, Another Sky, are gearing up to drop their hotly anticipated album, “Beach Day,” on March 1, 2024, courtesy of Fiction Records.

After teasing fans with a slew of energetic singles, the quartet is ready to kick back, soak up the sun, and share their latest sonic journey.

another sky beach day

Kicking off their musical escapade was the feisty ‘Psychopath,’ a raucous departure from their usual sound, followed by the dreamy ‘A Feeling,’ which found cozy spots on BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music playlists.

‘Burn The Way’ and ‘Uh Oh!‘kept the good vibes flowing, leading to a sold-out headline show at London’s Lafayette – talk about making a splash!

To sweeten the deal, Another Sky throws in a surprise B-side, “Aimee Caught A Moth.” Lead singer Catrin Vincent described the track as a lockdown-inspired ode to a roommate’s valiant moth-rescue mission. Because nothing says rock and roll like a moth in distress, right?

Diving into the backstory of “Beach Day,” Vincent candidly admitted they thought they’d wrapped up their second album in 2019. But hey, time’s a tricky thing, and lockdown brought forth a new vision—enter “Beach Day.” It’s a tale of navigating personal winters, embracing shadows, and finding the light at the end of the tunnel.

Recorded in the crypt of a church after their studio took a watery hit and faced personal betrayals, the album is a phoenix rising from the ashes – or, in their case, from a flooded studio. With the help of a friendly vicar and some generous pals, Another Sky rebuilt their creative haven, giving them the freedom to reclaim their narrative.

“Beach Day” isn’t just about anger; it’s about the freedom to feel and move through it. Vincent opens up, singing about vulnerability in tracks like ‘Death of the Author.’ It’s like a musical therapy session where you’re free to ride the emotional waves.

So, as Another Sky invites you to join them on this laid-back beach day, remember: life’s too short for bitterness.

The band’s got their surfboards ready, and they’re here to remind you that even in the midst of chaos, there’s beauty in the breakdown.

Kick back, and let Another Sky  soundtrack your chill moments – because after all, who needs stress when you’ve got good tunes and a metaphorical beach day on the horizon?