The most meme-able wildlife photographs have been announced!

The winners for what is actually known as the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been chosen and people are stoked!

Nothing heals the soul more than comedy and animals… combine the two and we are left with are the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. The winners of this year’s competition have been revealed and people could not be more ecstatic with the results.

The top prize was taken out by Ken Jensen, an amateur photographer hailing from the UK. His photograph of a Golden Silk money is appropriately titled “Ouch!”

Comedy Wildlife Photography
Source- Comedywildlifephotography.com

Ken explained that the group of monkeys were all acting and playing inquisitively, while this particular monkey was noticeably aggressive.

Karma quickly reared its “unfortunate” head putting the angry animal in a rather uncomfortable position.

Ken spoke out after learning of his success stating, “It is a great feeling to know that one’s image is making people smile globally as well as helping to support some fantastically worthwhile conservation causes.”

Voting was open to the public for The Affinity Photos People’s Choice Award, with a hilarious image of a pigeon taking the top spot.

Titled “I guess Summer’s Over!” the autumn winds of Scotland clearly got the better of this little fella.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


Other winners included the following-

“Time for School” by Chee Kee Teo.

Comedy wildlife photography
Source- Comedywildlifephotography.com

This little guys plan to chuck a sickie clearly is not going to work…


“The Joy of a Mud Bath” by Vicki Jauron

Comedy wildlife photography
Source- Comedywildlifephotography.com

This elephant has self-care down to a T. If only something so simple brought everyone this much joy!


“Tree Hugger” by Jakub Hodan

Comedy wildlife photography
Source- Comedywildlifephotography.com

Life isn’t always sweet. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and hug someone… or something.

The awards started in 2015 with the ultimate goal to promote wildlife conservation through the use of humour.

Ten per cent of the net revenue received for this year’s competing is going to Save Wild Orangutans, an organisation that protects the wild creatures in Borneo.

You can find the full list of finalists here and start making those memes!