Happy’s Zen Horoscope (26th December – 1st January): Letting go

As the year draws to a close, allow the energy of the universe to work its magic.

Jupiter enters Pisces on the 28th, take a little time out over this holiday season to focus on your wellbeing. Work privately if need be, and reconcile with the past.

Let go of any baggage that you don’t want to carry with you into 2022, because this is the time to clear the path for brand new opportunities and growth for the coming months ahead. 


You may find that you are drawn towards reflection and self-evaluation this week. Zen encourages meditation and quiet contemplation.  Look at the bigger picture to see how the past has shaped things. If you find that doubt has played a big part in preventing you from making any of the bigger moves you were meant to make, work from the inside out, and let fear and doubt be replaced by confidence and trust.


There is a reverent and gentle tone to the week ahead. Enjoy the simplicity of quality time spent with family and friends.  Use this downtime to plan for the future from a place of comfort, because everything is moving ahead nicely, thanks to your work ethic and passion.  If anything,  think about what you can do to maximize on this and expand a little on any current strategies, just to keep things going.  


A great time to re-evaluate what’s important to you, and redefine your relationship with the material world.  You may find that you come to the realization that money won’t make you happy, and that only love will make you happy. You might be drawn to embracing a more minimalist style, and spend your time decluttering your home. Most importantly, use this downtime to investigate what it is that makes you happy outside of wealth and the material realm. You’ll be surprised at how much joy there is to be had in the simple things. 


If you have a wish, this is your moment to go for it. With careful planning and purposeful intent, you can make the most out of this timeframe to manifest your long term/short term goals. Planning is essential, so don’t take any shortcuts. Take advantage of the green light that is on offer to start the process, and take one step closer to making your dreams a reality.  


This is the timeframe for a deep letting go. Let go of anything that hasn’t been working. Any pain or sadness associated with it needs to be let go.  Acceptance as a practice will allow you to let go of any emotional negativity that is connected to the past. Practised daily, you can then begin to take the first steps towards meaningful transformative change. Put the past behind you, so that you can move forward with a clean clear slate. 


If you are feeling a little out of sync with your intuition and incoming information from outside sources seem to only confuse you more, take this as a cue that you need to pay attention to your own inner voice, not the voices that come to you from the outside, like socials, media and other people etc. If you still feel stuck or confused, the best thing to do is to try turning your attention to your own inner guidance system as best you can. Keep a dream diary and refer to it over the next few days, and you’ll find that you will once again get clarity with any answers that you seek. 


Be true to yourself, and don’t place blame outside of yourself for any mistakes that may have been made. Use this time to honestly assess your situation, and work out where you can accept responsibility. Acknowledging where you have made a mistake,  is the first step towards making it right. In this way, you can avoid any unnecessary guilt, and go on to feel good about making better decisions in the future. 


Meditation and contemplation are high on the list this week. This is a great week to realign your external activities to match any inner growth that you have recently experienced, personally or professionally. You may feel inclined to turn down some offers because you know that you will be allowing the space to say yes to something else, something that may be a better fit. Use this time for inward reflection and grounding before saying yes to what will be the next phase. 


Take responsibility for what you would like to achieve at this time, especially with regard to any major projects or routines that you would like to implement. Create and embrace a new normal. When it comes to what’s important to you, and ensuring you can achieve your goals.  Use this time of year to your advantage, and map out a solid plan to give you the space and time to achieve your personal or professional goals,  be strategic, highly organized, and stick to your plan until the end. 


This time of year is a great time to practice self-love. You may feel a little reluctant to spend money on yourself or to allow yourself to indulge a little or a lot. But it needn’t be an expensive exercise, just do what you’re comfortable with. Because trust me, you are worth it, and sometimes you just have to give yourself. Make yourself feel good inside and out, wear something to make you feel extra special, have a long indulgent soak in the bath, whatever it is, say yes, you are worth it.  


The creative balance within translates in many ways;  grace, sensuality, creativity or just good old fashioned nurturing, which is an essential part of the energy that makes us human. Go out of your way to create some beauty for yourself, immerse yourself in your fav creative outlet, make the house look even better than usual, or just eat your fav foods, and maybe hug the people in your life a little more. This is the perfect opportunity to embrace a little more yang with your yin, and get creative with it.


There are a lot of opportunities that are becoming quite clear to you at the moment. But don’t let the buck stop there, chances are the portal to this landscape is not yet closed. So enjoy the process of inviting even more potential into your life. Embracing it best is done by pushing yourself out of your comfort zones. Know that your best step forward lies out of your current place of security and take that brave step forward. During this time think bigger than you ordinarily might, because there’s nothing that you cannot achieve once you put your Scorpion mind to it. Nothing.