OnlyFans spam email worried many non-users on Christmas Day

Several people who hadn’t signed up for the service received a confirmation email on December 25.

Many concerned people took to social media to discuss the spam, and at a guess, probably to squash any rumours of their apparent profile.

Now that’s one way to make Christmas a little less wholesome.

The Email read: “Welcome to OnlyFans! You are almost ready to start interacting with other users. Please confirm your Email address by clicking the link below.” 

OnlyFans has not yet addressed the issue but receivers are advised not to click on the link as it is most likely spam.

OnlyFans is a content subscription service but has made quite a name for itself as an adult content subscription service. Love or hate the sex industry, either way, this platform has allowed for streamlined ethical porn creation, as well as given the world a bit of goss with every new celeb sign up.

The service has been in and out of the tabloids since its inception, most recently when the company threatened content creators that they would no longer allow explicit materials on the website.

Don’t sweat, that blew over in about a week when the business realised it would NOT do well if they implemented that rule.

Now, it looks like, on Christmas Day, several people received a confirmation email to complete their profile sign up.

This worried a few folks, especially the notable ones, concerned that between deep fakes and data theft, someone may be out there, trying to steal their identity. Moles and all.

This isn’t the first time OnlyFans has come across an IT issue like this. Last year, people received a spam email that asked them to send their login details.

OnlyFans tweeted: “Please be wary of any email claiming to be from an official OnlyFans source. We will only ever email from an @OnlyFans.com email domain and we will never ask for your password. If you receive any suspicious emails such as the one below, please do not reply but report them to us.”

Surely it’s a similar issue this time. Otherwise, if everyone ends up with an OnlyFans account, the whole world could get a whole lot closer.