Happy’s Zen Horoscope (8th May – 14th May): expect an energetic week

Get your week off to a fine start with a little helping hand with the First quarter Moon in Leo.

Leo’s energy is mega active and creative, so embrace this highly energetic quality as you move through any challenges that come up, and if you feel it, give a little extra time to any creative projects and ventures you have on your mind.


Change is in the air, but before you set out on a new path, hit the brakes a little. Embrace this timeframe to get a good sense of what you can do to get you to the next chapter. Because what got you here, won’t get you there, or so the saying goes, so think about how you can look at things from a more creative viewpoint. Shake off any old habits or patterns that you definitely do not want to take with you to the future. 


Indecisiveness can be tricky. Especially if you feel like your thoughts are a little scattered. If you are starting to feel panic or stress rising up, if this is the case, give yourself a moment to slow things right down lest your emotions start to get the better of you. And if you feel worried about the decisions that you need to make, don’t, because you will always make the right decisions for yourself, always, sometimes you just need to stop worrying so much.


You know when something is working, and when it isn’t. Sure the people around you may be saying things like, ‘but you’ve put in so much time already’. Well. So what, sometimes you just have to cut your losses. What’s important, is that you can identify when things need a change, so don’t let others give you their five cents worth, you know what’s what. 


If you face any challenges this week Leo, especially in the form of any obstacles that are getting in the way of creative success. You are going to have to work extra hard to get around this, and the best way to move forward is to establish some boundaries. Because this timeframe is all about self-improvement, and for you, this means tapping into a higher sense of self-discipline and focus. You’ve got this. 


It may not feel like it, but you are getting very close to finishing some big goals. At this stage, you may just need to get a little creative and adjust here or there when it comes to timing, where or when, and how much you can give to things to get them over the line. Trust that the energy that you are investing into things will pay off. 


There was probably a good reason that things were on hold here or there, but things are about to start moving forward again, so get ready for it. You will find that things once again line up with ease, and you may even experience a breakthrough moment about how you can finally move forward. Trust that the space that you had been in, has prepared you for movement with a new mindset and perspective. So go with that. 


You may be worried about not having enough, maybe you are worried that you won’t be able to hang on to what you have either, but these worries for the most part feel unwarranted, so do your best to turn your mindset around. If you can harness some good old-fashioned positivity, you will see that things arent as bad as all that. 


Happiness, joy, and contentment are yours for the taking. Kudos to you for being able to create so much abundance. Enjoy yourself,  it isn’t always this easy to be this happy or to be surrounded by so much, love. So show some appreciation for where you find yourself to be, give thanks to those in your life that have stuck by you, that love and support you, and together you can continue to help one another to reach your highest potential. 


Dont look outside of yourself for what’s real, look on the inside. Go out of your way to define what success means to you, because it’s sure not going to be the same for everyone, and that is more than okay, in fact, it’s how it should be. Remember, seeking approval or validation from others is a sure-fire way to get stuck in a comparison trap, and that my friend, is not for you. You do you, in the best way that you know how, not how others do it, but how you do it. Remember that.


Delays seem to be a theme for you this month. You may find that a part of you is feeling a little impatient, or frustrated. Instead of letting it get the better of you, take it as a sign from the Universe, that it’s not now, but maybe later. It doesn’t hurt to hold off on making any new plans for a while, just until the situation around you becomes more settled. At this time, it is literally all about the timing. 


Any recurring bad habits that you may feel are getting a little out of control, may require a little creativity to get a handle on them. Remember, that nothing is out of your control, ever. Even if there are things that you like to get on top of, things that may seem as large as a mountain. With a little extra effort, you can do whatever you want. Free yourself from any bad habits that have been holding you back, so that you can welcome the next chapter with a big breath of fresh air. 


Enjoy a little downtime, just to reconnect with yourself. Ask yourself some questions as though you actually are your own best friend, which you are, am I right? How are you? What do you need? Questions like that. It’s okay if how you are feeling is positive or even a little snarky, at the very least honor how you feel, and nurture yourself accordingly. Do things that make you feel nurtured, happy and content.