Harper Bloom spins insecurity into acoustic gold on new single ‘Walk My Way’

Harper Bloom spins insecurity into acoustic gold on new single ‘Walk My Way’

There’s nothing more captivating than delightful acoustics mixed with deeply nuanced undercurrents. Sonically, the song will leave you feeling nourished and hopeful, yet the track’s poignant lyrics will navigate the unspoken emotional ties that bind us all together. Harper Bloom‘s latest single Walk My Way beams straight from this haven.

A sparkling tale of self-doubt, the track is driven by silky hooks, honest words, and a vibrant resolution, all combining into a stunning sojourn that you truly can’t turn away from.

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Photo: Lisa Businvovski

Insecurity is an agony felt by us all, one that always rears its ugly head when we enter into a relationship. In her latest single Walk My Way, Harper Bloom traces a journey from doubt to belief, finding that true happiness is self-made.

Following from her April debut, a lot was expected from the Perth-born singer. With the same emotional sensitivity and cadence of her last release, but turned up to 11, Bloom hit an absolute home run with this track and the ensuing hype is there to prove it. Walk My Way immediately hit the triple j airwaves, received an overwhelmingly positive media response, and made its way onto Unearthed playlists within the first week of its release.

A vingette of clarity unfurled through acoustic melodies, accentuated by electro-pop flares, and wrapt in an unbreakable sincerity: Walk My Way is undeniably addictive.

“I think ’Walk My Way’ applies to anyone who feels like they’re not good enough for someone, whether that’s due to wealth, looks, gender, etc.,” Bloom explained about the track.

“As the song unfolds, it reveals that learning to overcome self-doubt is important, because there are beautiful people in this world who see through all those superficial things and choose to love you, despite the judgement of others.”

The music video for the single spins the singer’s words into a reality, depicting Bloom and her real-life girlfriend pottering around their Brunswick home. This is made even more amazing when you consider that director David Hansen brought this entire project to life during the height of stage three pandemic restrictions.

Walk My Way and Mary are the exciting previews from Bloom’s upcoming EP Faith, Sex and Skin, set to drop later this year.

Check out the track here. When you’re done there, give the amazing video for Mary a watch: