Hear Incredible Debbie Harry Vocal Tracks from Blondie Classics

Debbie Harry‘s voice was perhaps the most memorable of the disco and punk explosion emanating from New York in the 1970s. Now we can hear a capella versions of that voice in all its reverb soaked glory.

The voice of the Debbie Harry catapulted Blondie to superstardom in the 1970s. Now we have a chance to hear the magic of that voice with the solo button switched on.

The soloed vocal tracks underscore the passion and precision of a Debbie Harry performance. They also reveal the variety of treatments involved to create the floating, dreamlike quality to her voice.

Heart of Glass for example exudes a certain effortlessness, with Harry’s vocal melody sailing high into clouds of reverb. Whereas Call Me is gritty, panicked and verging on distortion.

See below for Debbie Harry’s incredible vocal tracks.

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