Sydney bands Heartlake and Before the King spin some juicy yarns

Sydney bands Heartlake and Before the King spin some juicy yarns

Sydney groups, Heartlake and Before the King open the roller doors of their garage, bursting with electric tunes and witty banter.

Following the release of their debut single Sanfrancisco, four-piece indie rock group Heartlake join their quirky forces with Sydney punk rock group, Before The King (BTK).

The Heartlake gang (Luca, Giacomo, Stefan and Noah) spin some yarns with Before The King (Dean, Dan, Oscar and Gabe) and we are just lucky enough to hop onto their colourful chaotic ride.


Before the King to Heartlake

BTK: I didn’t know that there was a San Francisco in Australia, how often do you guys visit?

HEARTLAKE: If you wanna try go yourself, it’s simple. Hop in your car, play Sanfrancisco as loud as your speakers will go and drive in circles around your suburb (responsibly).

BTK: Given the Italian heritage of half your band members…and the recent Euro 2020 results…I think you see where this is going. What do you consider the best song you’ve written as a band?

HEARTLAKE: Luca and Giac do have Italian blood, Forza Azzurri!! Regarding the non related part of the question, the best song we’ve written is Low Expectations.

BTK: Giac and Luca, how did you guys first meet?

HEARTLAKE: Well being the oldest in the band. I can confirm that the creation of these two was consensual and be appreciated. Their first meeting must’ve happened 9 months after said event.

BTK: If you had to take a shot every time you messed up a recording take, who would be the drunkest by the end of the recording session?

HEARTLAKE: It’s between Giac & Stefan, Giac purely based off being a perfectionist. However Stefan’s surprisingly light weight considering how much further his blood needs to travel due to his height, and the red button can get to his head sometimes, so we think he’ll be the first on his way to the couch.


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BTK: When can we expect the official Heartlake haircare range?

HEARTLAKE: Due to covid we’ve all struggled to be ourselves, including Stefan who came up with the idea of shaving his head. Now that might put a hold on plans for hair care if our front man has none. Otherwise, hopefully very soon because Dean’s head is a bit out of control [laughs].

Heartlake to Before The King

HEARTLAKE: Dean⁩, do you ever get stopped in the streets and asked for forgiveness? If so, what is your most common ritual?

BTK: (Dean) Yes, I do. The truth is that the only true method of atonement is opening up the Before the King page on your streaming platform of choice, and spending the day streaming all of the songs. I don’t make the rules, I only teach them.


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HEARTLAKE: Oscar, do you ever feel at all insecure about how little your hair is in comparison to the rest of the band?

BTK: (Oscar) While it’s true my hair may not be curly, and is much shorter than the rest of the band, and I do stick out from the rest of the band as well. However I am much much taller and better looking than everyone else so I’m not bothered.

HEARTLAKE: Gabe, is being the outright sexiest member but also the drummer a burden for you? Seeing as you’re never photographed at live shows?

BTK: (Gabe) Yes. It is definitely a burden being the sexiest member of the band, one that I’ve chosen to counteract by being the drummer/hiding in the shadows. The reason I avoid photos is because the world is simply not ready for my sexiness.

HEARTLAKE: There is a rumour around the town that your single, Mary Lou, was written about a crocodile on a t- shirt. Can you confirm this so we can all have some closure?

BTK: A skateboarding crocodile, to be specific.