Indie group, Heartlake, glisten with debut single ‘Sanfrancisco’

Four-piece Sydney group, Heartlake, release debut single, Sanfrancisco – a transportive tune that shows off their colour-bursting electricity.

In a gorgeously swizzled blend of sound and music taste, Heartlake launch their debut single, Sanfrancisco

The track is a burst of youthful energy, seeping through each electric rhythm and harmonic echo – making the Sydney group a fresh sound to keep our ears fastened to.

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Whilst only officially launching in May 2021, Heartlake have not wasted any time in spilling their magnetic sounds and showing off their tightly knit group dynamic.

Sanfrancisco is a track that is easy on the eyes, hypnotically swerving between contemporary indie and nostalgic pop/rock. The harmonies and tune roll together in one big gum-ball of oozing colour, bouncing with ease.

Heartlake is made of brothers, Luca and Giacomo along with close friend Noah who shared their passion for music from high school.

Giacomo brought on an additional member, Stefan, now the frontman for the group, meeting whilst recording his solo project, Sy.Holm

Together, the group are an unstoppable force creating sounds similar to the likings of the early Jungle Giants, Kings of Leon and Last Dinosaurs.


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Sanfrancisco, is a gob-smacker track that ignites the wonders of a jumping mosh pit. Having already sold out their first show at Oxford Art Factory, something tells me that Heartlake know their way around a stage.

Each member of the group comes to the table with their own experience playing live, Luca, Giac and Noah being winners of the 2019 Northern Beaches’ Composure Band Competition, and frontman Stefan headlining shows at Metro Lair & Factory Theatre.

Heartlake, are inevitably an eye-catching force in the music scene – the electricity generated in Sanfrancisco, with it’s sharp vocals and catchy-riffs prove exactly that.

Whilst we wait for live music to triumphantly return, it is darn lucky we can groove to the group’s debut single in the meantime.

Fall into Heartlake and stream Sanfrancisco below: