Listen to ScoMo’s leaked Spotify account, with death metal and T-Swift

Scott Morrison’s playlist has been uncovered by Australian reporter Cam Wilson, who recently showcased it in a viral TikTok.

Yep, you can now chill to the tunes ScoMo considers his favourites.

Wilson posted a TikTok on Sunday showing Morrison’s alleged Spotify account. Wilson also wrote an article about it last month, which was published in Crikey.

Image: Spotify

Sure, anyone can name a Spotify account Scott Morrison. We can’t know for sure who’s using the Spotify Account. But it definitely seems to be linked to the PM.

Wilson explains in a follow up TikTok that he found the account in a 2018 tweet from Morrison, which shared a link to one of the playlists on the account, “How good is Oz Rock! (ScoMo’s Oz Classics)”.

And that sounds pretty legit.

The Spotify profile pic features his notorious white tennis shoes, which also points to the account being the real deal.

It’s still on public, meaning you can scroll through all his public playlists including “ScoMo’s Global Eighties” and “Country Chill”.

In Wilson’s Tiktok, he made three observations about the account.

First, unsurprisingly, ScoMo absolutely loves some Christian Rock. He listens to artists like ‘We the Kingdom’ and ‘Jesus Culture’, who are included in his playlist “ScoMo’s Worship”.

Second, Wilson pointed out how cheesy Morrison’s playlist titles were. Most of them are named after himself, like “ScoMo’s Brits”, “ScoMo’s Seventies” and “ScoMo’s Classical”.

Wilson’s final observation was the unexpected artists found on the account. Morrison seems to enjoy some heavy metal, as well as EDM artist Tiësto.

If you have a look through his recently played artists, you’ll find Talking Heads, Prince, Blondie and Hot Chocolate.

If you’re wondering what Morrison’s top artists are, clues can be found on the account.

Aside from all the playlists with ScoMo in their title, the Prime Minister has created albums dedicated to some of his most listened to artists.

He has playlists called “Mavericks”, “Travis Collins”, “Miles Davis” and “Oils” (for Midnight Oil).

He only follows three accounts. The first is Taylor Swift, which come as no shock as Morrison is a confirmed Swiftie.

Second is Faith Church Worship, and third is Horizon Creative which is linked to Morrison’s church, Horizon Church.

The account, which now has over 700 followers, may be switched to private eventually. In the meantime, if you follow you might get lucky and spot some listening activity.

@cmwlsnLmaoo I found Scomo’s personal Spotify account that he accidentally left public 😳 ##australia ##aussie ##scomo ##auspol♬ original sound – camwilson