HINA unleashes a neo-soul masterpiece on her latest single 'Reverie'

HINA unleashes a neo-soul masterpiece on her latest single ‘Reverie’

On her latest single, HINA grounds us in clarity through sultry, neo-soul bliss.

We know HINA for her lush neo-soul beats that make you groove and basslines that fall like silk. On her latest single, the artist has refined, retuned, and delivered a tighter performance than ever.

Throw in the vintage-tinted hues of her accompanying music video, and you have a release that you truly can’t turn away from.


Sweeping in with an air-tight bass and drum combo, Reverie opens with gossamer beats and the raw earthiness of the natural landscape, captured by HINA’s captivating music video. As a whole, there’s something so mellow yet ethereal about this release, it hits you like a glimmer of sunlight on a cloudy day.

As the melody builds and strengthens, so too does the beauty of HINA’s lyricism and visuals. This is a song to drink your morning coffee with, a song to meditate to, and a song to soothe you when times get tough.


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“Sharing her name with a deity of the moon known throughout Polynesia, HINA is a self-taught producer and classically trained multi-instrumentalist from New Zealand,” the artist’s bio reads. “An ode to the flavours of neo-soul and R&B, with a dusting of pop sensibilities, [her music] reveals a commitment to HINA’s artistry.”

Looking for a song to wash away with this weekend? Look no further than HINA’s stunning release.

Check out the track below: