Home-growing cannabis is legal in Italy, supreme court rules

In a landmark decision, the Italian supreme court has ruled that home-growing cannabis for small-scale personal use is totally legal. The decision is expected to cause some controversy.

The new ruling declares that the current crime of growing marijuana should exclude “small amounts grown domestically for the exclusive use of the grower.”

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Home-growing cannabis has been ruled legal by the Italian supreme court, but the exact details of the decision are yet to be made public.

Cannabis is currently decriminalised for personal use in Italy, and legal but highly regulated for medical and industrial use. Despite this there are currently legal weed shops throughout the country, allowed to sell plants with a psychotropic active ingredient level below 0.6 percent.

Confusion around the current laws, including this new ruling, are an active concern for groups on both sides of the drug debate. For instance the new decision does not quantify what a “small amount” is, though the case from which the ruling came involved a man with two plants in his home.

That and other details are yet to come, with the court keeping their logic behind the decision unavailable to the public until further notice. The ruling came on December 19th, but has only been mentioned publicly in recent days.