Homemade Soundtracks creates a mythical soundscape on new EP ‘Acoustic Gardens’

On new EP Acoustic Gardens, Homemade Soundtracks creates the kind of audiovisual score usually reserved for a cinema epic. 

Homemade Soundtracks has released Acoustic Gardens, a blissful three-song EP that serves as a love letter to guitar. Defying its small tracklist, the entirely instrumental release takes listeners on an expansive sonic journey, drawing inspiration from Nordic folk sounds to create an acoustic odyssey seemingly more suited to the soundtrack of a cinematic epic. 

The EP opens with Silver Tale, a fast and dynamic cut that makes use of punchy rhythm guitars, duelling riffs and majestic orchestral themes. It’s the sort of song that might soundtrack the montage of a protagonist’s quest, or be overheard as the hero recounts their folkloric origin story. What begins as a few scratchy strums quickly blossoms into a mythical sonic tale, with a brief reprieve before Homemade Soundtracks jumps right back into the instrumental action.     

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The musician expands on the storytelling on the second track Garden Swing, a quieter, more blissful rendition that adds to Homemade Soundtrack’s instrument repertoire with keyed fiddles and playful percussion. Elsewhere, Garden Swing makes use of an accordion, which compliments the main Nordic riff for all the makings of a fairytale to the ears. Where Silver Tale might accompany the hero’s quest, Garden Swing focuses on his muse — the sort of song you might envision when recalling the story adaptations of The Brothers Grimm. 

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Homemade Soundtracks closes the EP with Train To Somewhere, a listless, fingerpicked ending that might spill from the radio on a summer’s day road trip. The song was inspired by American folk and blues musician Elizabeth Cotten, and features a fading outro that perfectly bookends Acoustic Garden’s cinematic runtime; a musical stand-in for rolling credits. Train To Somewhere is accompanied by a music video, which sees Homemade Soundtracks perform the track in a home studio. Watch below. 

Homemade Soundtracks is the project of Sweden-based musician Andreas Gejke, who deservedly cites composer Hans Zimmer as one of his inspirations. Acoustic Gardens marks Gejke’s debut EP, and follows on from the 2022 standalone single Grandma. Speaking of the impetus behind Homemade Soundtracks in a press statement, Gejke said: “It often starts with acoustic guitar, [a] classic cliché.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of movies and especially movie soundtracks. My vision for Homemade Soundtracks is to combine acoustic guitar with classic symphony orchestras,” he added. “[I aim for] dynamic instrumentals with multiple themes and harmonies that hopefully gives the listener a visual music experience.” 

Listen to Homemade Soundtrack’s new EP Acoustic Gardens below.