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Hot Work sit down with their mums to talk music

Celebrating International Women’s Day, the boys from Hot Work sat down with the leading ladies in their lives to find out what made them; they talked their sons’ band, women in music, the state of gender equality, and their own musical inclinations.

The lovely matriarchs you are about to hear from are, in order of appearance, Karen (Jack’s Mum), Michelle (Mike’s Mum), Lisa (Riley’s Mum), and Carol (Liam’s Mum).

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Sydney band Hot Work sat down with their mums to chat music.

What do you think about your son being in a rock band and how disappointed are you about it?

KAREN: Disappointed? I’m not disappointed!!

MICHELLE: Hahaha that’s a positive question! Well, the fact you’re in a rock band is something I knew that you must’ve really wanted to do because you’ve always had a band… but the fact you have a full-time job too means I’m not disappointed because you have a very good career.

LISA: Yeah, I think it’s fantastic! Love it… love it, love it.

CAROL: I always thought Liam would make a career out of golf.

What do you think about the band?

LISA: I think you’re fun… and lively.

KAREN: Yeah… great energy, eclectic mix.

LISA: I really like the whole vibe, the dynamics… and the writing’s good too!

MICHELLE: Pretty full-on rock band. I’m pleased you’re writing music that’s received well. I’m surprised at your singing voice Michael!

Who do they remind you of?

CAROL: Enya.

LISA: Hahaha…

KAREN: Hints of Daddy Cool for me.

LISA: I hear a little bit of the Beach Boys but much more rocky… And there’s a little bit of Frankie Avalon going on.

MICHELLE: Shapeshifter? Hahaha. The song I can recall is I’m A Loser. That’s not what it’s called though is it? You probably have a reasonably unique style, don’t you?

If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could take one CD with you, what CD would that be?

CAROL: …Enya.

LISA: Can I have a toss-up between 2? So, it would either be… The songs of Leonard Cohen or Rodriguez, Cold Fact.

KAREN: I’d go with Roy Orbison, Only The Lonely.

MICHELLE: If I wanted to be soothed and calmed, I’d take Kings of Convenience and if I wanted to be cheered up, I’d take Billy Joel, I love his lyrics!

What music did you play when your boy was little that might have influenced him?

MICHELLE: Oh, all the old suspects… Queen, Elton John, Chicago, David Bowie. I like Thin Lizzy… The Pretenders… and Grace Jones too!

KAREN: It was Beatles, Janis Joplin, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Rait, Jimi Hendrix… umm, Led Zeppelin. That’s what was playing in our house.

LISA: I don’t think any of the music I played influenced Riley. In fact, I think he went the opposite. Because I was into vocal stuff… It’s embarrassing to say but I liked singers like Andrea Bocelli… and Jewel haha. Ridiculous combination.

Who do you think is the most badass women/women in music?

KAREN: Chrissy Amphlett of the Divinyls. I like her.

MICHELLE: Hmm… Grace Jones for me.

LISA: I’m going to go with The Dixie Chicks. Because they stood up to Bush and Cheney.

What can Hot Work do to encourage gender equality?

MICHELLE: Hmm… Sing about music that is meaningful to females and males. Treating your audience of women respectfully and listening to women and respecting them. And understand they might have ideas better than you. Think about the world from their point of view. And have lyrics that empower women to show that you would interact with them on equal terms.

CAROL: To do your ironing in real life. Not just photo shoots.

KAREN: I would say to set a good example.

LISA: Yeah, just be who you are.

Do you have any words of wisdom for all the boys out there?

MICHELLE: Clean your rooms! They need responsibility. Life is worth nothing without responsibility. You need meaning and responsibility.


KAREN: And be kind to your mother!

LISA: Yeah, I would say just be kind to yourself and everyone around you. Pretty simple really.

Hot Work’s new single Alone Not Lonely is available now. Listen here.


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March 8, 2019