‘How To Murder Your Husband’ author, Nancy Crampton Brophy, found guilty of murdering her husband

In a somewhat predictable sequence of events, romance author Nancy Crampton Brophy has been convicted of second-degree murder for killing her husband.

71-year-old author Nancy Crampton Brophy was found guilty for murdering her husband in a Portland court this week, 11 years after self-publishing an essay titled How To Murder Your Husband.

A jury of seven women and five men agreed that Crampton Brophy had fatally shot her husband in 2018 as he was prepping for work at the Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland.

How to murder your husband
Credit: Sky News

The author didn’t show any physical reaction to the verdict, but one of her attorney’s, Lisa Maxfield, said the defence team plans to appeal the decision.

The defendant was seen travelling to and from her husbands workplace on surveillance footage around the time of the murder, but she insists that this was purely a coincidence and she was actually in the area to work on her latest novel.

The prosecution team alleged that shot her husband and kept the gun, but swapped out the barrel so it couldn’t be traced back to her.

The defence said that the gun parts were inspiration for their clients next novel, suggesting the murder was more likely the case of a robbery gone wrong.

Crampton Brophy’s novel, How To Murder Your Husband, was excluded from the trial, despite the fact that it clearly outlines several different ways to kill your husband without ever being caught.

In that case, it probably shouldn’t have been included, considering she definitely did not get away with it.

The 71-year-old will be sentenced on the 13th of June.