How to tie a tie

How to tie a tie: 3 classic knots

There aren’t a whole lot of truly useful Youtube tie tutorials for some reason. So here’s how to tie a tie, made as simple as it gets.

Learning how to tie a tie doesn’t seem that important, until it is. Your first wedding, schmancy event, or even a Pulp Fiction themed party could be knocked into chaos if you were never taught how to tie a windsor knot, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to learn online.

Searching how to tie a tie on Youtube unfortunately scores you a bunch of videos that are either too closely shot or too damn quick to understand. Either that, or you’re being explained the entire history of ties by someone who idolises Winston Churchill a little too enthusiastically.

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to show you how to tie a tie, and hopefully it’s a little easier to understand than the rest. You’ll get a front and back view, meaning you can figure it out with or without a mirror, and you’ll be shown through the three basic styles; simple, half windsor, and full windsor.

Depending on the expectations of the event you’re at – or let’s face it, whichever you like the look of best – you can pick one of these three simple knots to tie your tie. Simple is generally regarded as the (who would have thought?) simplest knot, which is suitable most of the time, but can look a little off at fancier nights out.

Learning how to tie a windsor knot – half or full – is generally your best bet. These tie knots look great, are easy enough to learn in 20 minutes, and will sort your tie needs out for the rest of your life. Until you have to tie a bow tie… but that’s another story.

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