Hundreds of anti-mask protesters have gathered in London

Just when you thought that the world couldn’t get any crazier, wait until you find out about England’s wave of anti-mask protesters. 

Hundreds of protestors have gathered in London’s Hyde Park to demonstrate against new mask legislation.

anti-mask protest London

Hundreds of anti-mask protesters gathered in London over the weekend in objection to new laws which require people to wear masks in public spaces.

From July 24, it will become mandatory that people wear masks in public spaces such as shops and supermarkets. The announcement drew hundreds of people to Hyde Park, where they listened to a number of speeches objecting to the government’s new position on face masks. 

But why are people even protesting about masks in the first place? Protesters believe that the new legislation on wearing masks is violating their civil liberties and rights as human beings. Similar views were also shared on social media by Aussie musician Ziggy Alberts who has received heavy criticism since. 

The demonstration, which occurred over the weekend in London, was organised as part of the Keep Britain Free “movement”; a campaign started by Simon Dolan, an entrepreneur with a personal fortune of more than £142 million. Dolan told VICE News: 

“This weekend has shown that hundreds of people from all walks of life were willing to stand up and show that the spirit of freedom and independent thinking is still very much alive,” Dolan told VICE News.

“The silent majority have started to find their voices to fight back against the trolls, the bots, and the members of the 77th Brigade, who seek to dominate social media and try to manipulate people’s opinions at the behest of the state.”

Countries all around the world have already introduced mandatory masks as a way to curb the spread of coronavirus. As long as the World Health Organisation continues advising the use of face masks, we recommend you keep doing just that!