Iconic synth-makers Moog just launched their very own record label

Iconic synth-makers Moog have launched their own record label, Moog Recordings Library, as an outlet to release limited editions of recorded works, sessions, concerts, and audio experiments from the UK Moog Sound Lab.

Moog Record label

Moog have launched their own record label, Moog Recordings Library, to release recorded works, sessions, concerts, and audio experiments from the UK Moog Sound Lab.

The Moog Sound Lab is a portable studio specially designed by Moog Music Inc and is based around one of the world’s rarest electronic instruments, the 2014 limited edition reissue of the legendary 1960s System 55 Moog Synthesizer system.

The label has announced its launch with three separate vinyl releases from The Grid, Hieroglyphic Being, and Mika Vainio (co-founder of Finnish electronic duo, Pan Sonic) due out later in the year.

Vainio’s release was recorded in 2015 almost exclusively with the Moog Modular System 55. On completion of his session, he said, “I could work with this machine for the rest of my life….I would need nothing else”. 

A second session was planned, but tragically Vainio died in an accident in April 2017 shortly after he had approved the vinyl mastering.

The Moog Sound Lab UK is based at the University of Surrey’s Institute of Sound Recording and is available for use by the students there. It also travels regularly to host residencies and events around the UK and Europe, and if it’s going to be anything like the US Moog Sound Lab, we can expect some incredible stuff from the label.

Listen to some excerpts from the Sound Lab session by The Grid, Hieroglyphic Being, and Vainio below.