If synths are God, than the best follower is Disciple of Love from AAA+

It’s 2016 and chances are if you turn on the radio you’ll hear something that sounds like it came straight out of a another era. In 2015 we learnt that the ‘80s are not only still alive, but just as influential as ever. You just have to take a look at Client Liaison’s hairdos and fashion or listen to Tame Impala’s synth-heavy, prog rock to realise that they never completely disappeared. Now joining this ‘80s renaissance is budding Adelaide artist AAA+ with their dreamy, yet tight synth-pop.

Disciple of Love

AAA+ gets full marks and then some with their latest cut Disciple of Love. The 80s nostalgia is very real, and if you’re not on board now is your chance.

The latest single from AAA+ is called Disciple of Love and is definitely a song you’ll have stuck in your head all day (or at least I did!). It’s a shameless pop anthem with both the chorus and outro being great sing-a-long sections that are almost too catchy. There’s lots of great elements about this track, like the bouncy bass line that hits you straight away and drives it all the way home; the swelling synths lurking in the background; or the howling noises that come in at the end of the chorus.

It’s difficult to grasp what the vibe of the song is supposed to be, and the lyrics are equally ambiguous making it’s hard to figure out whether its a sad song or a love song. But maybe that’s what’s great about Disciple of Love. It’s chill enough to pump on a summer afternoon whilst hanging out with friends, yet it would definitely be a danceable banger if you were to experience it live.

The mix of airy synth sounds over a continuous bass line that chugs along carrying the rhythm of the song really reminds me of fellow 80s enthusiasts Future Islands. In particular Disciple of Love feels a lot like their song Seasons (Waiting On You) which went on to be named Pitchfork’s number one track of 2014, so maybe this is the right direction for AAA+ to take.

I’m excited to hear what else will come from AAA+ in the future because this is a great release that surely adds to the other tracks on their SoundCloud. I hope that they keep working harder and harder to produce song after song of enjoyable hits that get better each time. All AAA+ needs now is some solid radio time to build a bigger audience and a dedicated fan base.