Iggy Pop speaks in rhyme as the voice of 'Nothing' in a bizarre doco

Iggy Pop speaks in rhyme as the voice of ‘Nothing’ in a bizarre documentary

To our delight, the rig himself Iggy Pop is serving us new clips from his satirical documentary In Praise of Nothing, in which he stars as ‘The Voice of Nothing’.

The “whistleblower documentary parody” was conceived and filmed by 68 cinematographers in 70 different countries, and grapples with what a conceptualised ‘Nothing’ would say to us if it could speak. Iggy narrates the doco entirely in rhyme. The film is 78 minutes long and took almost ten years to create.

Photo: Masayoshi Sukita

Iggy Pop has released a few unseen clips from his upcoming parody documentary In Praise Of Nothing. Yep, this looks wacky.

This morning, we caught a few more pieces of the modern masterpiece via Iggy Pop’s socials. You can check them out below.

In Praise of Nothing isn’t Iggy Pop’s first exploit as a documentarian. He’s slated to executive produce a four part docuseries chronicling the story of punk. It’s called Punk.

He’s also featured in a documentary too, as the frontman of The Stooges. Jim Jarmusch’s 2016 documentary Gimme Danger follows the rise, fall, and reunion of the band.