IK Multimedia’s MixBox puts a world of processing power at your fingertips

MixBox from IK Multimedia promises to be a studio essential, packing 70 award-winning mixing processors and creative effects into one virtual rack.

IK Multimedia has always aimed to give musicians the tools they need to be creative in the studio. Since their humble beginnings in 1996, the Italian-based company has become renowned for recreating classic hardware units in the digital world. Their new plugin suite — titled the MixBox — takes this philosophy to the extreme.

MixBox is a virtual rack that boasts 70 award-winning effects and is designed with the goal of offering producers of all styles a one-stop solution for mixing and mastering.

IK Multimedia MixBox in use

‘Go beyond your typical channel strip,’ the launch video proclaims. With the MixBox, you’ll find some of IK Multimedia’s effects units from the T-RackS, AmpliTube, and SampleTank, but this time with a vertical, screen-friendly configuration that’s redolent of a 500-series rack, all with a slick, drag-and-drop workflow. Everything you need is easily accessible including various filters, delays, modulation and reverb.

With individual processor gain, distortion, saturation and more, users can quickly customise expansive and versatile processing chains. It also allows users to discover new effects combinations with both full rack and individual module presets.

For more details, head over to the IK Multimedia website.