Pacifiers and the biscuits your mum told you not to eat: Police shut down illegal Toys R Us rave

Many of us grew up with Toys R Us. We’ve been enticed by its aisles of plastic crap and we’ve harassed our parents to fish out their hard-earned cash for it. But have any of you had a rave in one?

Now the company has gone bust, it seems appropriate they served their old customers one last time by providing the perfect venue for a techno-fuelled illegal rave.

Via Hounslow Police

Who knows, this could be the new business model Toy R Us have been searching for? While I’ve never stepped foot in the store, I would definitely head to a ‘Raves R Us’ if this were an available option.

Well, that isn’t exactly what happened in London over the Easter long weekend. Toys R Us did indeed ‘provide’ the venue, but it comes down to the issue of whether they consented to it or not. I guess that’s why they call them ‘illegal’ raves.

While there may been pacifiers present at the party, it was no place for kids. The rave was shut down after hundreds of people headed to Hounslows Industrial Estate to say their final goodbye to Toys R Us and go bezerk to techno.

Posting on Twitter, the local police force uploaded a photo of some innovative graffiti (above) after they arrested five people and seized a rather large sound system.

Via NME.