Immerse yourself in Bigger It Gets, the luscious new single from L. Flora

Immerse yourself in Bigger It Gets, the luscious new single from L. Flora

After last year releasing their self-titled debut album, L. Flora are back in a flourish of lush neo-soul.

Bigger It Gets is the new single from the Brisbane four-piece which meets the closing of a relationship with a sense of expansive, internal opening up.

l. flora, bigger it gets

L. Flora have just released their new track, Bigger It Gets, a lush neo-soul offering that gazes off the edge of the precipice.

There’s a softness about Bigger It Gets which is immersive. The push and pull of the drums give the whole thing a sense of suppleness and malleability, whilst the production brings an alluring warmth – uniting bright guitars and mellow keys with Millie Khalu’s husky vocals.

Lyrically, the track makes the listener privy to the ins and outs of a relationship; at once intimate and yet, for most, all too familiar.

“I don’t know how to give you more, to give you what you’re searching for / And on and on we go at each other, we throw each other down / Why do we do these things?”

The title of the single is presumably a homage to Sebastian Moody’s public artwork Think Bigger, also featured in the track’s cover art. Think Bigger can be found beneath the Story Bridge near Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, and reads in large red letters: “The more I think about it the bigger it gets.” 

The track represents a beautiful interaction with Moody’s work, which was intended to provoke thought in passersby with its ambiguous but philosophical words.

In the vein of much of L. Flora’s themes of self-nurturing and mindfulness, Khalu sings in the blossoming final chorus: “But the end is coming, it’s not as big as I thought / I’m not as small as I thought, I’m stronger than before / Not as hard as I thought, not as big as I thought.”

Despite following the demise of a relationship, the track breathes optimism. The introspective, explorative outro ends on a note of anticipation of what lies ahead, basking in a sense of the endlessness of opportunity that is life.

Check out Bigger It Gets above, and if you’re in Brisbane, you can catch L. Flora in two weeks at their single launch. For more info, head to their Facebook page.

Fri 8th November – The Bearded Lady – West End, Brisbane – Details