Inside Dunder Mifflin, Animal Languages and more – Happy’s Weekend Reading

On the list of new literary favourites for this weekend is a must-have for fans of The OfficeInside Dunder Mifflin and an exposé on the richly communicative life of animals in Animal Languages.

The latest from Dave Eggers, The Captain and the Glory makes an appearance, Pet details a girl’s first encounter with a monster and TO:KY:OO is a pictorial tribute to one of the world’s most visually evocative cities. Let’s get into the selection. Michael Scott inside dunder mifflin

Inside Dunder Mifflin, Animal Languages, The Captain and the Glory, Pet and TO:KY:OO are among the best new books to indulge in this weekend.

Inside Dunder Mifflin by Amy Lewis

Billed as the “ultimate fan’s guide to The Office” this book will give you all the tools you need to understand your management style and teach you how to vanquish your enemies. Aside from the guide, it also includes season overviews, analysis of key episodes and more. Via Smith Street Books. Inside Dunder Mifflin

Animal Languages by Eva Meijer

Did you know dolphins and parrots call each other by their names, or that bats indulge in a bit of gossip? If you did, congratulations, for everyone else, Animal Languages is a fascinating insight into a universe of communication that we don’t understand between the non-human creatures that inhabit our world. More at HachetteAnimal Languages

The Captain and the Glory by Dave Eggers

The Captain – inexplicably confident, garish but with a profound lack of expertise and experience (sound familiar?) guides a merry band of con men and petty thieves as he takes charge of the Glory. A caustic and hilarious satire in a style that only Dave Eggers can pull off. See Penguin for more. The Captain and the Glory

Pet by Akwaeke Emezi

Imagine that you’ve created a world without monsters. This is the so-called reality that Jam has grown up with until she encounters Pet, a creature made from horns, colours, claws and a drop of Jam’s blood. For more details, visit Faber & FaberPet

TO:KY:OO by Liam Wong

You only have to look at the luminescence reflected in the rain-slicked lanes of Tokyo on the front cover of this book to know that you’re in for a visually sumptuous ride. A meditation on artistic composition that gives the viewer a unique, nocturnal insight into this fabled metropolis. Via Thames & Hudson. TO-KY-OO