Interview with The Babe Rainbow

True to their down to earth and spiritual nature, The Babe Rainbow are founded on the philosophy of organic good vibes. Happy had a chat with the band about what inspires them most.

babe rainbow

This woodland inspired illustration is from Adelaide local  Pip Kruger . She loves to experiment by combining collected textures and fabrics with hand-drawn line work. Pip explains what inspired the drawing : I listened to their stuff for at least a week before starting. I didn’t want to be obvious and draw a rainbow. So to portray their totally relaxed hippy vibe and sound,  I have drawn them etched into a tree stump- they are at one with nature. They all have incredible hair and that beard is amazing, so it had to be a main feature.” Nice!

Happy: How did you guys meet and come together to form the band? What’s your back story?

BR: We’ve been putting the pieces of the puzzle together for a long time; friends of the earth. Kool-Breeze remembers meeting Elliot on the beach, foraging for wild sea greens over the Rainbow Bridge in the everything garden.

Happy: How many people have asked you whether Babe Rainbow by 90’s British group House of  Love has been an influence on the name of your band? … is it?

BR: You’re the first, actually, so there’s no influence. Maybe we just drink from the same well.

Happy: It almost seems like you were born into this band, coming from a place called Rainbow Bay – what was it like growing up there?    

BR: Very special, like a breath of fresh air, we’re peace warriors from the new paradigm – farmers,  poets, John’s children, surfing veggies.

Happy: You’re obviously really inspired by the 60’s, both musically and aesthetically. What musicians and albums and looks have you been particularly inspired by? 

BR: Incredible String Band, Swinging Madmeoiselles… but the 60’s was just a cocoon, you know, and now we’re a butterfly.

Happy: Your music videos are made up of some seriously psychedelic, incredibly colourful goodness. Can you talk us through the process of filming your clips – we’ve heard some things about how you met Samuel Kristofski and Dr D Foothead. Something about hitchhiking and picnics…?

BR: They’re just little self portraits, similar to having a dinner party. We’re lucky to have such clever clovers hanging around us. We like film, and we’d like to get into more acting, these music videos are gateways to the think-tank, opportunities to work with other artists with a similar cosmologic eye. We love celebrating the feminine, chewing the cud.

Happy: The Australian music scene seems to be getting more and more diverse and open to new genres and lots of exciting things are happening at the moment. Are there any Australian based bands that you have your eyes (and ears) on at the moment? 

BR: We identify with the Australian spirit and the rhythm of the land. Our favourite musicians tend to not want to be rockstars. Family Jordan and the choir of birds.

Happy: Your music makes me really happy, what makes you happy?

BR: Dream Baby.