Introducing 0 hype, your next Canadian hip hop obsession

Hailing from Canada comes 18-year-old 0 hypewho’s laying down crispy beats left, right and centre.

The rapper has now released Before You Enter, an album full of exciting and constantly evolving pieces to meet your every mood.

0 Hype could rip a fresh beat out of thin air. With the release of his album Before You Enter, the Canadian rapper proves he ain’t here to play.

With a grasp of the craft well beyond his years, the Canadian artist demonstrates the extent of his skill with crisp lyrics, delicate harmonies and a skilful mixing style. The tracks roll with a youthful zest but an artisan’s flair – elevated in no small part by the talents of collaborators Sachin B. and MA6IC.

A favourite is found in Goldschlager, featuring old-timey jazz tunes intercepted by 0-hype’s flavourful vocals.

Green builds with a bang, while Somebody invokes some serious soul-searching with its easy breezy flow. Last Night will have you aching to let loose on some kind of d-floor, and Knock Before You Enter pairs perfectly with cruising down the highway.

Out to leave his mark on the scene, 0 hype’s thoughtful lyricism and powerful beats make him one to watch. It’s uncommon for someone to output a record so well put together at such a young age.

What’s certain is that if you didn’t know his name before, you won’t forget it anytime soon.