PREMIERE: Haunting, beautiful and gloriously weird, LoVision release new video Beachball

Beautiful and unmistakably haunting, Melbourne’s LoVision have released a music video for their latest single Beachball. In just under six minutes, the clip stirs your senses and amps up the intrigue over forthcoming LP Ultrasound.

Made up of Kim Little and Lucas George, LoVision explore the sounds of a fragile humanity propelled into the future. Their music is a hybrid blend of organic and electronic style, fuelled by a strong poetic backbone. For this reason, LoVision liken their sounds to Billie Holiday, had she been born in the age of robotics.

The clip adds a lush layer to the familiar feelings of melancholy, while taking us on something of a surrealist trip. Featuring a mix of deep and ethereal vocals, beachy guitar riffs also enhance the fusion-fed nature of the track.

Photo: Kurt Eckardt

Beachball by LoVision flows with a distinctive narrative element; where looping vocals and howling harmonies come together in a music video that’s truly fascinating.

Layered under these sounds are an assortment of images ranging from the downright weird to effortlessly cool; a floating spine, a painting, a lit ciggie and a cat. Before we know it, the clip cuts to colour where something of a stage plays take the spotlight.

The duo draws on elements of jazz, trip-hop, post-punk and industrial to carve out their unique place between two worlds – which they describe as neither utopian nor dystopian.

Honest expression instead takes the forefront of their work. Beachball is a perfect example of this, channelling the duality of freedom and paranoia, progress and nothingness, purpose and purposelessness.

With a plethora of lives shows under their belt, along with a growing catalogue of recorded work, the transportive power of LoVision is clear. If you’re hungry for the type of music that taps into raw emotion, Beachball is well worth a watch.

LoVision’s upcoming album LP Ultrasound will be released digitally in the coming months through Stargazed Records.