Introducing: Fieldings

What’s that? You need chillaxing music to help wind down? Sure! May I present the solo artist – Lady Fieldings for your listening pleasure!


Once the domain of the sunburnt summertime players of ball-and-bat sports, now Fieldings have been brought to the realm of weird folk.

As with many up-and-coming indie artists, I haven’t got much to go on about in terms of introductory info on this lovely artist, which is actually kind of cool because it totally adds to the mystery of her music! This chick is seriously mysterious though… I can only find her on bandcamp and she doesn’t even give us her real name!

Fieldings currently only has a debut three-track EP: Wild Release Volume I which although only gives me a spoonful to go on, is enough to whet my appetite and get me to keep tabs on her for future reference.

Idioglossia, the feature track on the EP sounds as mysterious and exotic as it’s name. I think it’s the kind of music you hear in those musty, hippie, aromatherapy shops. Tinkling percussion and a regular, slow-burning tempo let Fieldings‘ spine-chillingly sultry vocals take the forefront.

Fieldings describes her own music as being ‘weird folk’ and ‘experimental’ which I think is pretty accurate, both Shoots & Rattles and A Change of Spine feature kind of creepy clips from what seem to be old-school radio programs or movies? ( I know I should be culturally aware and know what it is I’m talking about, but I’ll leave that to Alex and Radi*). Polyrhythms and breathy vocal layering are recurring motifs which all add to the moody, mysteriousness that is Fieldings.

So pour yourself a glass of red wine and lie back, or just crawl into bed and write a review on Fieldings. That’s right, you just got Meta’d. BAM.

*The trick is to make them think you know what you’re talking about, but I like the way you’ve broken the fourth wall here. 9.3 / 10.



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