Introducing Ha the Unclear

This band is just as interesting and eccentric as their name. Ha the Unclear are a four-piece band from our country bros, New Zealand. These dudes got together circa 2010 and are making some bizarro-rock tunes.

Ha the Unclear

Well that’s a confusing and unclear name! As the masters of disguise, Ha the Unclear sure know how to keep you guessing – you don’t realise how good they are, so check them out!

These guys used to play under the band name Brown. I’m guessing they needed wilder name to match their style. Like eating bacon with pancakes, or that Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt bits in it, or double denim, there are so many things you would think don’t go together, but it just does – in a glorious way.

Their track Secret Lives of Furniture is a great example of this. And yes, it’s literally a personification of that coffee table you rested your dirty feet on, so think twice about the shit your futon would say about you if it could talk. The verses contain almost spoken word vocals with a thicker New Zealand or some sort of Aussie accent – however when the chorus hits it kicks on to a solid tune, complete with dense guitar strums. I get a The Shins vibe when this kicks in – very familiar back up vocals and some well leveled guitar work.

The song Apostate has the same feel – just tune up the back up vocals and ad some “da- dums”. These guitar licks and tricks are crazy contagious. There are also some great classic guitar rock progressions that your parents can fell comfortable singing along to in the background. Lead man Michael Cathro has a clear and projecting voice, perfect for those rock choruses.

All in all, their quirky bedroom pop rock styles may take a few repeat tracks to acquire their tasty sounds, but don’t be worried. Watch out for their debut album Bacterium, Look at Your Motor Go being released in August.