Introducing Jacob

Somewhere in between homework and staying home on school nights, emo-punk band Jacob have crafted their negative, yet joyful, tracks with a very, very youthful enthusiasm. Jacob are four little punk boys hailing from Wollongong. The band formed from a Facebook post on the Australian Hardcore Merch group and were all grounded for not asking their mothers if they could use the internet. The boys (not boiz) describe Jacob as the little boy inside of all of us.

jacob band

Jacob’s debut EP Time To Get Up is three tracks of captivating emotional pieces about getting Old, being Metal and feeling Better. Their sound is reminiscent of 90s emo, both through the banging lo-fi guitars and pitchy vocals that somehow manage to sound so perfect.

Jacob’s low cost production is charming and a refreshing change from overly serious bands that remain steadfastly serious about being lo-fi. For instance, the clip to Better is simply a video camera capturing a PowerPoint of the lyrics in a decidedly primary school approved WordArt document. The physical release of Time To Get Up really demonstrates the sort of band Jacob are. The CD comes with a drawing by a Kindergarten child and the cassette tape is always split with a much more famous musician including, but not limited to, Elton John, Peter Andre and Phil Collins. How Jacob managed to get these guys on board with their immature mannerisms is mind-boggling*.

Their new track Writing is a positive one. Despite the cute intro from the young character Jacob, it is a maturely written track that showcases the band’s immense potential. As long as they stay in school and study, they’ll be A+ students. The boys have already gained some radio airplay on Triple J and FBi’s respective punk programs, and if the current trend of 90s style emo bands in the US is anything to go by, there are big things ahead for the band.

Jacob’s newest self-released two track EP Writing & Bricks is came out just a few days ago, check it out while its still hot via the boys’ Bandcamp.

Jacob’s school excursion will be heading all around New South Wales, as well as to Canberra (most probably for Questacon). Make sure you hand in your permission slips.

Friday 17 January- Golf Club, Armidale
Saturday 18 January – The 140, Grafton
Sunday 19 January- House Show, Nelsons Bay
Friday 31 January- Jura Books, Sydney
Saturday 1 February – City Magpies, Canberra
Sunday 2 February – White’s Records, Newcastle

Editorial: Hmm.



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