If you weren’t already aware of Movement you’d be easily forgiven for being caught off guard and dunked head first into their world of seductive vocals with rich, rhythmic vibes.

movement band

The Sydney based trio came out of nowhere with their track, Feel Real and it was fucking awesome. The melancholy piano chords and tribal beats alongside those vocals by Lewis Wade will charm the pants off you. Basically, the song is sex.

After releasing Feel Real last May, the boys pretty much instantly gained a contract with Modular People, and by June that year, the three piece band were already on their first national tour. They’ve performed alongside the Klaxons, Flight Facilities, Elizabeth Rose and ended a hectic year with another amazing track Us.

Us has been receiving praise from around the world with a Boiler Room premiere, as well as being featured on BBC Radio 1. Not to mention the clip, which is a super cinematic four-and-a-half minutes, directed by Dave Ma (who produced the mystical Flight Facilities clip for Clair De Lune).

Having wrapped up support slot for Solange the boys with be touring with Darkside, and that’s not something you want to miss!