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Emerging from the revival of alternative hip-hop is 22 year old Rory Ferreira, otherwise known to the music world as Milo. His first foray into his musical career was with the hip-hop trio Nom de Rap in 2010, the group releasing their debut mix tape Greatest Hits Vol. 1. Since then Ferreira has been releasing a steady stream of music under the guise of Milo.

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Wordsmith Milo creates chill music that touches on popular culture, traditional hip-hop, electronica, and so much more!

In November last year he released the album Poplar Grove (or How to Rap with a Hammer) under the moniker of  Scallops Hotel, and as Milo is set to release his debut LP, A Toothpaste Suburb, on 23 September the year on burgeoning hip-hop label Hellfyre Club.

Milo’s music represents the best of what alternative hip-hop has to offer. The production is pretty simple, but that works in Milo’s favour as it keeps the focus on his voice and the stories he tells. The tales he spins are of the average guy growing up in the dreary suburbs whilst trying finding meaning in the smallest of things.

Traditional hip-hop, electronica, funk, and a dash of folk are thrown together making songs that are relaxed and casual, and are more reminiscent of a conversation between two friends at a party nerding out in the corner.

There are plenty of pop culture references, half the joy of listening to his raps are trying to pick them all. Any fans of Dragon Ball Z, Stone Cold Steve Austin, David Foster Wallace or Lord of the Rings will definitely get a kick out of these references, which are all used to great effect to paint some great metaphors.

“This is for my brother slaying mental Balrogs” from The Confrontation at Khazad-dum” is a good example of this. Another track from his back catalogue worth a listen is Super Happy Sunshine Club, featuring Safari Al that addresses the homophobia within rap culture.

He may just be reflecting on the little things life has to offer without making a real fuss, but Milo’s real estate is blowing up, so now is the time to get on board.



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August 22, 2014

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