Introducing anamorphic rock legends Sonic CTRL

Sonic CTRL is a Sydney based rock outfit of four accomplished songwriters fusing pop melodies, rock, and distortion.

Please give a very warm welcome to Sonic CTRL.

The exciting and idiosyncratic four-piece are headlining the iconic LazyBones on the 13th of March and we’re here to prepare you for their talents.

Sonic CTRL

Sonic CTRL kicked off in 2020, and they haven’t turned the tap off since. Their creativity has resulted in already over an album’s worth of originals, and they’re still writing! Currently, you can tune into two of their singles on the streaming services. Debut effort Chutzpah is a high-energy groove with some hefty vocals, and their latest release Everytime is a compelling rock ballad with provocative lyricism and tight, distorted electrics.

Still, what makes Sonic CTRL different from every other Sydney four-piece starting on the gig circuit? Quite a few traits, it turns out. All four members come from unique, musically diverse backgrounds and are all seasoned songwriters, in their own rights. They’re also all capable vocalists! I know four songwriters in a band sounds like a recipe for infighting and complications, but the band have been pleasantly surprised by their ability to work together.


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With this rare chemistry, the four combined the best musical ideas from everyone to develop a distinct brand of distorted pop/rock. Utilising the wall of sound production technique, they blend sweet alt-pop melodies with guitar drive and a sprinkle of acoustic groove to create energetic songs with substance. To understand their sound better, we need to take a look at the members themselves.

Frontwomen and multi-instrumentalist Kelly covers guitar and lead vocals. Her sharp vocals deliver a range of melodies, some influenced by folk, others from catchy RnB. It’s always exciting to guess what note she’ll land on and how she gets there. Wollongong raised Ryan is also a multi-instrumentalist but has jumped on the drumkit for Sonic CTRL. His agile drumming comes from a diverse palette of ’60s soul, indie rock, to old school blues.

Guitarist Dax is definitely the rockiest of the bunch. Avidly following the Australian rock-scene for a while, Dax’s distorted and searing guitar tones are always driving and ripe for live performances. Last but not least is Chris on bass, hailing from the USA. He has a soft spot for indie rock but also froths RNB, reggae and alt-country.

Listen to Sonic CTRL below: