REAGS sprinkles hip-hop with a dash of full-throttle ambience on his debut album

On his new album, Reags takes us on a journey into and with ourselves. From our senses to beyond, the Melbourne-based artist is charting new directions.

Reags is back with a fresh and entrancing new album, Senses.

Bursting in ambient textures, the album cuts from the same cloth of the artist’s conceptual/hip-hop catalogue but brings his music into new dimensions. Sweltering and overflowing with nuance, the album’s air-tight rhythms and considered lyricism are a testament to Reags’ sonic intuition.


A lush, ambient soundscape paired with a driving bassline and lyrics, this new project is a stroke of genius. Pairing each of our senses to its sonic equivalent, Reags builds a canvas of sensory exposition and paints it with reflections on modern life.

At its core, Senses builds itself around Reags’ visceral lyricism, with its sonic landscape curving and bending to fit the listener.


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“It’s a semi-conceptual album focusing on some of the 5 human senses,” the artist explains. “I tried to somewhat emulate the production and writing with the song titles/senses.”

His fourth album to date, Senses is a triumph and must-listen. Check it out below: