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Introducing Zen Mantra

zen mantra

Zen Mantra is the monkier of the Australian born, New Zealand dwelling bedroom musician Sam Perry. Formed after the break up of his previous band Psych Tigers, he has released one full-length album, How Many Padmes Hum? (2012), one remix EP Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed  (2013) and a bunch of singles since the project was born two years ago.

zen mantra

A strange amalgamation of many different genres, Zen Mantra’s releases are connected through their honesty, their fascination with the psych-pop melodies of the 60s, and their unpretentious lyrics that read more like your own thoughts than any contrived notion within songwriting.

Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed is a nod to The Beatles, and the EP features a cool, electronic remix of the glorious classic Strawberry Fields Forever. Anyone who is vaguely aware what The Beatles did to popular music will know that covering them is a risky move. But Zen Mantra nails it. How Many Padmes Hum? (no clue what that means) is a cracker 9 track album, with particular props going to the opening track, Intro. Four minutes of slow burning, dream-poppy, instrumental, melancholic wonder.

Have a wee lil’ listen and if you’re in New Zealand, keep your eyes glued to Zen Mantra’s Facebook for details of upcoming shows.



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February 3, 2014

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