Italian police seize 84 million pills in history’s largest drug bust

Italian police have managed to bust a shipment containing 14 metric tonnes of amphetamines, supposedly tracked back to ISIS. 

Confiscating three containers in the port of Salerno, the 84 million seized pills are estimated to hold a market value of over $1.12 billion USD, making the event the largest drug bust in history. 

Photo: Italian Financial Police

Police over in Salerno, Italy have just landed the world’s biggest drug bust to date, confiscating over $1.12 billion USD worth of amphetamines.

The pills were reportedly stashed inside industrial paper cylinders, so well hidden that police scanners didn’t initially detect them.

“We weren’t able to see them but we knew it was arriving because of our ongoing investigations we have with the Camorra,” police commander Domenico Napolitano told CNN. The Camorra are one of the world’s oldest and largest organised crime syndicates, infamous for transporting elicit goods to Italy for distribution throughout Europe.

But, where does the connection with ISIS come in? Napolitano added that each pill was stamped with the Jihad’s signature “captagon” logo, indicating that the shipment had a direct link to the terrorist group.

“The hypothesis is that during the lockdown, due to the global epidemiological emergency, the production and distribution of synthetic drugs in Europe has practically stopped and therefore many traffickers with different organised crime groups have turned to Syria, where it does not seem to have slowed down,” Napolitano explained.