It’s the film no one else could make: Girl Power shows us the troublesome life of female graffiti artists around the world

You would think in the underground world of graffiti writing, all conventions and rules are disobeyed.

Girl Power, an autobiographical film by Czech graffiti artist Sany, exposes how even in the most counter of cultures, the rule of ‘no girls allowed’ is still looming.


Girl Power did more than just give insight into the unconventional lives of the featured artists; it broke stereotypes and challenged the structure of the art form as a whole.

In the documentary, Sany reflects on the watershed moments in her graffiti career, one being when her art was deliberately defaced with the words “Get back in the kitchen.”

On a mission to celebrate female graffiti artists around the world, Girl Power introduces us to influential writers from fifteen cities including Prague, Moscow, Cape Town, Madrid and even in our very own Sydney.

When she started making the film in 2009, Sany was the only active female graffiti artist in Prague. She knew of other women around the world who were as fascinated by the illegal and dangerous thrill as she was, and decided to tell their story.

Girl Power is definitely a film nobody outside the graffiti community could make” the film maker says.

The film champions the label ‘Graffiti Writer’ over ‘Graffiti Girl’ for all contributing artists, whilst campaigning to give these writers an opportunity to gain the recognition they deserve.

Girl Power showcases incredible role models for emerging artists who previously believed breaking into such a male dominated industry was impossible.

It took Sany and director Jan Zajíček seven years to make, forcing them to make personal sacrifices all for the profit of seeing women thrive in the alternative graffiti scene.

Girl Power premiered in March of this year, and is being screened at selected cinemas. For more information, check out their website.

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