Seeking some hard rock? These 10 picks from Dellacoma will have you head banging so hard you’ll get whiplash

With hard rock and heavy music on the rise in Australia, bands like Dellacoma are knocking off some of their best gigs in years. The country is hungry for the no-bullshit sound these genres were founded on – a denial of the palatability of mainstream rock everywhere.

Before Dellacoma kick off on their Aussie tour, we quickly caught up with their brash frontman Dellacoma Rio. Being a bastion in the heavy scene, he was a perfect fit for a list of home grown, hard rock recommendations.

rio dellacoma

Smashing out the kind of hard rock the world has forgotten, Dellacoma Rio’s electric presence onstage has the whole country booking his thrashing four piece.


Groove and grit are major factors in why this Canberra five piece have had their music played across the world including multiple episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

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Electric Mary

The raw power this band delivers live is undeniable. Def Leppard personally requested them as a support act on their last Aussie tour.

Twelve Foot Ninja

One of the most unique yet catchy bands I’ve ever heard. Fusing reggae with metal is a difficult feat but they do it quite well.


Hailing from Perth this three piece are instantly recognisable with stellar riffs and melodic vocal hooks.

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Cherry Grind

Adelaide rockers with a penchant for smoky, dirty side of the blues.


If Alice In Chains were from Australia they would be called Cicadastone. Flawless dual vocals that fit together seamlessly tie the slugde-y guitars together nicely.


They get a lot of love overseas but for some reason have never really made their mark in Australia. A blistering live show and frenetic energy are their trademarks.

Kill Shott

A modern take on sleaze-rock and some of the most unique vocals I’ve heard in a very long time.

My Dynamite

If The Black Crowes had a distant cousin My Dynamite would surely be it. Groove, soul and a whole lotta shakin’ the ol’ money maker.


A newcomer to the scene with all the right ingredients to hang around a while. A flamboyant frontman, killer riffing and string grooves.

Dellacoma are touring Australia beginning Thursday week. Catch all the dates below and head here for tickets.

Dec 8, Musicland, Fawkner
Dec 9, Barwon Club, Geelong
Dec 10, The Croxton Bandroom, Melbourne
Dec 16, Musicman, Bendigo
Dec 17, The Basement, Belconnen
Dec 18, Frankie’s, Lewisham
Dec 22, The Loft, Warrnambool
Dec 23, Crown and Anchor, Adelaide
Dec 29, Torquay Hotel, Torquay

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