He Just Knows What To Do With Himself: Jack White’s 5 best projects since we lost The White Stripes

In the 10 years since The White Stripes last released music, Jack White has barely come up for air. Here are 5 reasons the man remains at the top of the rock game.

During the naughties, The White Stripes reigned king of alternative rock ‘n’ roll. Shooting to worldwide acclaim thanks to Seven Nation Army and one of the most iconic riffs ever conceived, the Michigan duo of Meg and Jack White begun enjoying a new recognition as they toured their fourth album Elephant.

It’s now been an entire decade since the release of Icky Thump, their Grammy winning followup LP which would turn out to be their last (disregarding their concert album Under Great White Northern Lights). It’s safe to say that their bluesy, fever-spitting sound draped in ten kinds of ragged distortion will be remembered for years to come.

Yet fans shouldn’t lament the notion that it’s been so long since their dissolution. The fact is, Jack White has remained one of the most influential and respected figures in rock ‘n’ roll.

jack white third man records the white stripes

Third Man Records

The obvious choice at the top of White’s list is Third Man Records, the label he founded. Although conceived way back in 2001, the company has kicked it into overdrive since moving to a dedicated space in Nashville.

Third Man also runs a record store out of their Nashville HQ. Check out a tour of the space below.

American Epic

In case you hadn’t heard, Jack White is making a documentary about the history of recorded music – because who the hell else would?

To be fair this one isn’t out yet but god damn are we excited for it. The range of guest stars (Elton John, Nas, Beck and heaps more) alone speaks volumes for this film. Check out a clip of John and White performing an original composition for American Epic below.

Space Vinyl

Last year White made history by playing a record in space for the first time ever. Fuck it, I don’t even have to explain this one. God damn, Jack.

Third Man Pressing

It was only this year that Third Man Records officially jumped into the pressing game, opening their own very schmick, very yellow pressing facility in Detroit.

New presses have been somewhat of a white whale for decades, and the eight that White ordered for his plant were actually the first new machines to be built in 35 years. Major vinyl dedication, right there.

We Are Going To Be Friends for the kids

While The White Stripes were largely known for their snarling riff work and powerful percussion, some of their softer cuts were just as amazing. Out of those tunes, 2001’s We Are Going To Be Friends is undoubtedly a standout.

White has since adapted the song into a cute as fuck children’s book. Grab your copy here.