Jameela Jamil slams Met Gala for honoring “bigoted” designer Karl Lagerfeld

Jameela Jamil slams Met Gala for honoring “bigoted” designer Karl Lagerfeld

Jameela Jamil shares “receipts” of Karl Lagerfeld’s offensive behaviour, and criticises the Met Gala for honouring his designs.

Karl Lagerfeld’s designs are reportedly set to be the theme of the 2023 Met Gala, and Jameela Jamil is not happy about it. The English actress and presenter expressed her disappointment via an Instagram post, which comprised “receipts” of offensive and discriminatory statements made by Lagerfeld in the past.

Jamil captioned the post, “Karl Lagerfeld is the theme for the entire Met Gala next year. This man… was indeed, supremely talented, but used his platform is such a distinctly hateful way, mostly towards women, so repeatedly and up until the last years of his life, showing no remorse, offering no atonement, no apology, no help to groups he attacked… there was no explanation for his cruel outbursts. Swipe for receipts.”

Jameela Jamil
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She added, “Those groups were women who were sexually assaulted, the entire me too movement, gay couples who wanted to adopt, all fat people, specifically fat women, and some of his greatest harm was against Muslim refugees, and the disgusting way he spoke about people fleeing their homes for fear of their lives.”

“Why is THIS who we celebrate when there are so many AMAZING designers out there who aren’t bigoted white men?” the actress continued. “What happened to everyone’s principles and “advocacy.” You don’t get to stand for justice in these areas, and then attend the celebration of someone who reveled in his own public disdain for marginalized people.”


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Jameela Jamil concluded: “Sorry, but no. This isn’t the 90s. We didn’t fight all this shit just to throw it all away because some white guy made some pretty clothes for people’s skinny faves… come on now.”