How to earn one of 15,000 free Jameson, Dry, and Limes in Australia’s Biggest Round

After gifting the country 10,000 free drinks in 2019, Australia’s Biggest Round is back. Here’s how to earn yourself one in 15,000 free Jameson, Dry, and Limes.

What’s better than a delicious drink? A free delicious drink. For bonus points, grab a few mates you haven’t been able to see for a few months and throw back a few free delicious drinks together. This round’s on Jameson.

Australia’s Biggest Round was an idea originally conceived by Jameson in 2019, shouting 10,000 Jameson, Dry, and Limes in venues all over Sydney. In 2020 the beloved Irish whiskey is expanding throughout New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia (plus Victoria once it’s safe). They’re also upping the shout to 15,000 drinks.

Jameson Australia's Biggest Round

In NSW you can expect to pick up a freebie at venues such as Frankies, Mary’s, Shady Pines, and the Lord Gladstone, while South Australians should check into Downtown in Adelaide, and Queenslanders should head to Brooklyn Standard, Full Moon Hotel, or Suzie Wongs.

In Victoria, Leonard’s House of Love or The Carlton Club will be two venues that will participate, should Australia’s Biggest Round be able to operate in the state.

Snagging your free Jameson is easy, all you need to do is register on the Australia’s Biggest Round website. Follow the prompts to suss out a list of your local participating venues, and you’ll have a free drink voucher in no time.

Register for Australia’s Biggest Round here.