Someone made ‘Among Us’ 3D so you can backstab your crewmates in VR

Among Us has been recreated in 3D form for VRChat to further destroy friendships, though the human-sized crewmates are a little unnerving.

VRChat user Jar has developed a 3D recreation of popular social game Among Us. Only the Skeld map has been recreated so far, but it is remarkably faithful to the original with all your favourite tasks (not you, Swipe Card) and vents, which are now located in the roof as opposed to their original spots in the floor.

In order to make the transition to 3D, a concession has been made: the crewmates are now realistically proportioned. What were once cartoonish creatures that stood only 3’6″ and weighed 92lbs (106.68cm and 41.7kg for those who don’t use freedom units) are now fully-grown people, which is jarring to say the least.

Among Us 3D Crewmates
Image: Jar

Despite the project being based in VRChat, a VR headset is not required to play it – though it would seem that using one would enhance the experience. The Oculus Quest and Quest 2 are also supported, provided you haven’t bricked the latter headset because Facebook hasn’t found your account up to their standards.

Though Among Us has been out since 2018, it only became popular this year. The social game has become a big drawcard on Twitch; more than 400,000 people tuned into US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s stream alongside several famous streamers.

The game has also clocked up considerable traffic on Pornhub of all sites. But considering what Rule 34 of the internet is, that shouldn’t really come as a surprise.

With the experience of literally backstabbing those once considered close and yeeting them out the airlock now fully interactive in a 3D space, be sure to support Jar through their Patreon. You can download the level here.