It took someone 5 guesses to hack Donald Trump’s Twitter password

Donald Trump’s Twitter account was hacked when a Dutch security researcher successfully guessed the president’s password: ‘maga2020!’

Twitter has rarely ever been a friend of Donald Trump, and that’s probably because he’s not too smart about how he uses it. It turns out the POTUS’s official Twitter password wasn’t a childhood pet’s name or anything remotely cryptic.

Turns out the password was in on his head the whole time, MAGA being his ridiculous campaign slogan turned notorious edge lord headwear. The password was discovered by Victor Gevers, a security researcher from the GDI Foundation and the chair of the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure, a company which finds and reports security weaknesses.

Trump Hacked
A screenshot from inside @RealDonaldTrump

The account was not protected by any basic measures such as two-factor authentication, granting Gevers access to the president’s account on just his fifth attempt. Gevers expected a failed fifth attempt to lock him out, but instead he suddenly had access to Donald Trump’s 87 million followers.

Instead of tweeting anything like “I’m a huge fuck head”, Gevers took a much more mature approach than I would have taken and reported it to Homeland Security to disclose the security breaches. Shortly after the account’s password was changed. What is it with right wingers and shit passwords…

Kanye’s iPhone password is 000000 from r/gifs

No need to fear though, it shouldn’t be too long before someone guesses his next password. This was the second time Gevers has gained access to the account, after he discovered Trump’s password was his apprentice catch phrase ‘yourefired’ in 2016.