Figures are in: the PS5 weighs as much as your cat

The weight of the PS5 in its box has been revealed, and it has certainly packed on some hibernation weight compared to its older siblings.

In a clip posted to Twitter by The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley, the weight of the PS5 in its box has been revealed to be 14.7lbs, otherwise measured as approximately 6.7kg.

Sony has previously released the dimensions of PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition; the former weighs 4.5kg and the latter weighs 3.9kg. Both these new consoles weigh more than the PS4 Pro, which clocked in at 3.3 kg. Both PS5 models are wider and taller than previous PlayStation consoles.

PS5 Size

With the official weight of the PS5 known, the question is what makes up the 2.2kg difference between the console being in and out of the packaging?

It has been confirmed that the remaining contents of the box are: a DualSense controller, an 825GB SSD, a HDMI cable, an AC power cord, a USB cable to charge the controller, and the user manual/warranty info.

Based on Keighley’s video, it would seem reasonable to assume that most of the 2.2kg difference is taken up by the box itself. Considering how big the PS5 is as seen in measurement photos, it makes sense that it would need a large and hefty box capable of matching the console.

Last month, Taiwan’s National Communications Commission released photos measuring the PS5. Even ignoring the measurement tools in the photos, the upcoming Sony console is clearly a chonky boy compared to its older siblings.

With Sony making the standard claim that their latest console is its most powerful yet, it appears that the PS5 has been constructed to house this considerable power. If this claim is true, then making fat jokes towards the PS5 could be a very bad idea for those valuing our safety.