PS5: the best places to order your new console in Australia

With the launch almost upon us, it’s getting more and more difficult to buy a PS5. Here are the retailers still offering some slim hope.

It’s an exciting time for gamers on every platform. For PC gamers, there’s been some great new strides in the world of graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD, and for console players, we’re about to see the launch of the next generation with the Xbox Series X/S and the PS5.

Unfortunately, this also means it’s a difficult time, as massive enthusiasm inevitably corresponds with stock shortages, and this is certainly the case for anyone looking to buy a PS5. It’s slim pickings out there, but we’re here to guide the furious mashing of your refresh button to give you the best chance of success.

Where to buy PS5 Consoles
Image: Sony

The bad news is that, basically, launch day PS5s are sold out. However, there are some retailers that have given indications of when ordering will reopen, with new stock expected to arrive in December or early in 2021.


Launch day stocks are sold out, with orders rumoured to be opening up again on November the 12th. You can request an email notification for the disc edition of the PS5 here, and the digital edition here.

Big W

Offering some hope through ambiguity, Big W’s PS5s are ‘coming soon’. Orders are expected to open November the 12th, so this will be one to keep hitting refresh on – probably between 8:00AM and 10:00AM AEDT. Check the disc edition here, and the digital edition here.

Image: Westfield

EB Games

It seems like the well known brick-and-mortar games retailer has been doing their best, but it looks like they’re already taken more pre-orders than they’ll be able to honour. There’s no indication yet of when PS5 orders will become available, and the console itself isn’t even listed on their website. Best to look elsewhere.

The Gamesmen

The Gamesmen have indicated that PS5 preordering will open up on November the 12 at 10:00AM AEDT, with stock expected to arrive in December. Their website seems to be struggling under the weight of hopeful purchasers, but when it recovers, it can be found here.

Where to buy PS5 JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi

It looks like JB Hi-Fi is in a similar position to EB Games, and are no longer taking pre-orders. Some stores appear to be planning to create ‘expression of interest’ lists, so if you’d like to join the queue, head to their official site and sign up for their newsletter.


Kogan’s page notes only that the PS5 is ‘coming soon’, but like Amazon, potential buyers can sign up for a notification. Like the others, it’ll be worth checking this out on the 12th to see if anything has changed.

Where to buy PS5 Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman

PS5 orders are currently open at Harvey Norman here. The site is struggling, but that ‘add to cart’ button is actually clickable. If you manage to snag a console, you could reasonably expect it to arrive in December.

Sony Store

If you’re attempting to secure a PS5 directly from Sony, you can register for notification here. Otherwise, they haven’t offered any official information saying when orders will become available.


Information on PS5 orders is presently limited, but Target have suggested that they’d reveal more on the 12th. Be sure to check it out here.

Where to buy PS5 Vodafone


Vodafone will be offering PS5s from November the 12th through their Customer Care channel. Customers who are signed up to two eligible services, either post-paid mobile, tablet, or NBN, will be able to order a PS5 by calling 1300 728 637. No word on stock availability, but hopefully the exclusive nature of this deal with help.